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May 9, 2008

TiVo Moments

During NPR fundraisers they sometimes mention "driveway moments" -- those times when you are so engrossed in an interview or story that even after arriving home, you stay in your car, idling, waiting for the story to end.

There is a similar phenomenon with TiVo, where instead of waiting to see how the plot unfolds, you rewind the same scene over and over and over again, absorbing its magnificence.

Last night, I had a TiVo moment watching a scene from Grey's Anatomy. It was poignant and tender and totally hot -- a reminder that at its best, television is a machine for transmitting raw emotion. Due to the miracle of YouTube, you can see the scene too.

I had another TiVo moment with Pushing Daisies last fall. This short clip is just so treacle, and wacky and wonderful. It pretty much sums up the whole show.

Finally, here's a clip from the the season finale of Mad Men (don't worry, it doesn't spoil anything) that reminds me that a few words, carefully chosen and softly spoken, can be more powerful than anything else we can imagine.

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