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May 7, 2007

A new t-shirt came in the mail today

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May 6, 2007

Painkiller Jane

Because I'm a sucker for genre television, and because I liked Kristanna Loken on The L Word, I've been watching Sci-Fi's new show Painkiller Jane.

It's more or less an awful show, heavy on the really bad voice overs and nonsensical round-robin exposition. But near the end of each of the last three episodes, right after they've caught the bad guy, there's been this wonderfully poignant, almost deep moment that captures the futility and sadness behind Jane's mission. This would be the perfect point to end the episode. Fade to black, put up the credits. Boom, we're done. But instead, we're treated to another entire act devoted to tying up loose ends that don't need tying, teaching lessons we've already learned, and offering yet another godawful Jane voice over. Bah. They should really quit while they're ahead.

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