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August 28, 2004

Timoleon Vieta Come Home

About three weeks ago, my cat Cocoa (or, as I called him, the damn cat) disappeared. I filed a report with the Humane Society, but it doesn't look like he'll be coming back. Presumably there were coyotes involved, but we'll probably never know for sure.


Ben says that his cats have reappeared after having been gone for months. Here's to hoping.

Also: Now that ionSky has finally gotten our wireless back up (new power supply for the antenna, and it now points to the much closer Eldorado Mountain rather than Starr Peak) I should be posting more. Maybe.

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August 5, 2004

A Milestone, of Sorts

Well, Monday marked a milestone, of sorts, in my adoption of OS X.

For ten years I had kept separate partitions (and physical drives, when possible) in order to minimize the probability of catastrophic failure (wether lost data or inability to get the computer to run when I need it do).

Now none of those partitions is dedicated solely to MacOS Classic. I copied the remnants of my OS 9 partition to my OS X partition (it is still standalone bootable, but I haven't done this in a year, at least). I still run it in OS X's Classic virtual machine sometimes (StuntCopter, a classic mac game compiled on March 14th, 1989 still runs, and I'm proud to say that after 15 years I still suck at it).

My OS 9 partition will now be dedicated to Tiger.

Not that I will use it as my everyday OS. Even though I've always been fascinated by new OS revisions and have installed them as soon as I can get my hands on them, I'm actually pretty conservative about change.

I installed OS X DP3 in late 1999 or early 200 but didn't switch over to OS X for real work until Jaguar was released in 2002. I then stuck with Jaguar until spring of this year, 6 months after Panther was released.

I've exhibited simlar behaviour with langauges and IDE's. I tried to stay with CodeWarrior for much longer than any sane person would, but finally switched to Project Builder in 2003 (and given the brutal transition from Project Builder to XCode, perhaps my reticence was justified). I resisted objective-c for real work until the last possible moment, even though I've tinkered with it for years.

I've promised myself I won't let this happen with Tiger — it has enough developery goodness that it should be easier to get sucked in.

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