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Styles: Serious Spare

February 14, 2004



This weblog is powered by Movable Type version <$MTVersion$>.

It runs on <$MTUname property="osname"$> <$MTUname property="osrelease"$> on <$MTUname property="machine"$>.

The following plugins are used:

  • MTDCFeedList to generate a feedlist from a NetNewsWire opml export.
  • MTTextAsTemplate to expand MT tags in entries.
  • MTUname to show system information.


This weblog makes extensive use of cascading stylesheets (look Ma!, no tables! — seriously) and as such will look disastrous on user agents that have half-assed stylesheet support. Users of older browsers should use the Spare setting or should turn off stylesheets altogether. I test on Safari and on the latest version of Mozilla.

There are currently four styles:

  • Serious — It has conservative colors and a fairly minimalist design that is less prone to disaster on other platforms. The title graphic is a photo I took of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO.
  • Pretentious — a pretentious attempt to impart gravitas on my rantings. The title graphic is from Picasso's Meditation (Contemplation). 1904.
  • Silly — a silly, darker, style meant to show the power of CSS to separate interface from implementation. The title graphic is of Spike from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. This style looks best with a gamma of 1.8 (i.e. it may not be usable on Windows).
  • Spare — no special styles at all. Use this option if the weblog is impossible to read because of your user agent.

A note on the colors: I'm color-blind, so the colors of the site may seem awkward to you. I use a color-wheel to generate complementary and neutral colors — but this is no substitute for human perception. Also, this site was designed on a Mac (with a gamma of 1.72) so it may be darker than intended on machines with higher gammas.

Posted by coughlin at 10:01 PM